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Page updated: 03 June 2011

The Physical Activity Taskforce has ceased operation and this website is no longer updated.

Updated: 03 June 2011

Unplug and Play Parent Campaign

Unplug and Play

Developed by the Heart Foundation, the Unplug and Play Parent Campaign targets parents in Western Australia to increase their awareness of the urgent need for children to spend more time in active play and less time using TV, electronic games and the internet for entertainment.

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Unplug and Play

Australian Physical Activity Recommendations:

Children need at least 60 minutes of moderate to vigorous physical activity every day for good health and time spent using electronic entertainment should be limited to less than two hours a day.

Why limit electronic entertainment?

While TV, electronic games and the internet can be fun for children, they involve a lot of time sitting. Watching TV for more than two hours a day is associated with a higher risk of overweight and obesity, poor fitness and increased social problems, and may also be associated with lower school achievement.

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