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Page updated: 14 December 2011

The Physical Activity Taskforce has ceased operation and this website is no longer updated.

Updated: 14 December 2011

Count Me In - Disability Future Directions Strategy

Count Me In - Disability Future Directions Strategy

Western Australia will look substantially different in 15 to 20 years time. Western Australians will live in changed economic, social and environmental circumstances. With this in mind, the Count Me In: Disability Future Directions strategy sets out 13 priorities to shape a good future for people with disability, families and carers that will also benefit many other Western Australians.

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Count Me In - Disability Future Directions Strategy

At the heart of Disability Future Directions lies the vision of a Western Australia where all people live in welcoming communities that actively promote citizenship, friendship, mutual support and a fair go for everyone. It involves a long-term process with multiple changes across the board – to housing, transport, community attitudes, education, employment and technology, as well as service delivery in rural, remote and metropolitan areas.

This document is property of the Government of Western Australia: Disability Services Commission.