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Page updated: 14 December 2011

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Updated: 14 December 2011

Directions 2031 and beyond

Directions 2031 and beyond

Directions 2031 is a high level spatial framework and strategic plan that establishes a vision for future growth of the metropolitan Perth and Peel region; and it provides a framework to guide the detailed planning and delivery of housing, infrastructure and services necessary to accommodate a range of growth scenarios. Directions 2031 encompasses all land within the metropolitan Perth and Peel region schemes, an area that is also referred to as the city or metropolitan region in this report.

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Directions 2031 and beyond

Directions 2031 responds directly to several of the tasks identified in the Western Australian Planning Commission Statement of Planning Policy No. 1 State Planning Framework Policy (Variation No. 2), including detailing the metropolitan structure, determining local population housing and job targets, managing growth and developing the activity centre concept. It is not a final blueprint, but the latest in an evolving series of plans that have shaped the city over the past 55 years. Each successive plan is based on an understanding of contemporary factors that influence the shape and growth of the city, and includes assumptions about how the city will change into the future.

This document is property of the Government of Western Australia: Department of Planning and the Western Australian Planning Commisson.