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Page updated: 03 June 2011

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Updated: 03 June 2011

Obesity and the Economics of Prevention: Fit Not Fat

Obesity and the Economics of Prevention

Published by the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) this book is the result of work undertaken at the OECD since 2007. A wealth of data and analysis is presented within, with the aim of supporting the development of policies for tackling obesity and preventing chronic diseases.

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Obesity and the Economics of Prevention

(Please note: this is a publication which must be purchased through the OECD website. Use the above resource link for further information regarding the resource and/or to purchase a copy).

Some of the analyses in this publication were designed and undertaken in close parnership with the world Health Organisation.

The key issues covered in this publication include:

  • Obesity and the economics of prevention;
  • Promoting health and fighting chronic diseases - impact on the economy;
  • Obesity - past and projected future trends;
  • The social dimensions of obesity;
  • The size and risks of the international epidemic of child obesity;
  • How does obesity spread?
  • Are health behaviors driven by information?
  • Tackling obesity: the roles of governments and markets;
  • Community interventions for prevention;
  • The impact of interventions; and,
  • Information, incentives and choice - a viable approach to preventing obesity.


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Year published: 2010

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