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Page updated: 27 November 2013

The Physical Activity Taskforce has ceased operation and this website is no longer updated.

Updated: 27 November 2013

Managing Shared Facilities Resource

Managing Shared Facilities Resource

The Taskforce's Built Environment Schools Working Group is developing a resource on managing shared facilities, such as school ovals, swimming pools and recreation centers. The aim of the resource is to develop a suite of tools that provide practical guidance on the management and governance of shared use facilities in the community.

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Managing Shared Facilities Resource



    The issue of shared use in WA has been well documented.  In May 2010, the WA Local Government Association (WALGA) released a local government position paper on shared use agreements (available from the WALGA website).  This paper highlighted the need for strategic coordination and guidance to be provided to schools and local governments in providing increased access to facilities for the school and the wider community.

    In March 2009, the Department of Sport and Recreation produced a focus paper (available from the DSR website) on the joint provision and shared use of sport and recreation facilities.   This paper highlighted the need to reduce the duplication of facilities and to maximise the use of current community facilities and services.

    In response to this, the Built Environment Schools Working Group, a sub-group of the Physical Activity Taskforce Built Environment Advisory Committee, has agreed to develop a dedicated State guide for those planning or operating a shared community facility.  It will be based on Victoria’s resource A Guide to Governing Shared Community Facilities produced by the Department of Planning and Community Development.

    The resource will initially focus on the shared use and joint provision of school, and sport and recreation facilities, however, the principles can be used more broadly across a range of facilities.  It will provide specific State based guidance and policy context as well as local case studies. It is intended that the resource will also include a model agreement to provide a standardised framework for shared-use facilities.


    Project Phases

    The Managing Shared Facilities Resource project phases are below:

    • Phase 1 – project scope and review;  
    • Phase 2 – content production and collection of best practice case studies;
    • Phase 3 – targeted consultation with relevant stakeholders;
    • Phase 4 – design of the guidelines; and
    • Phase 5 – implementation and evaluation of the resource.

    The Project is currently in Phase 2.  The Group are presently drafting the content and collating local case studies.  Consultation with targeted stakeholders will take place on the draft guide. It is anticipated the resource will be completed in the second half of 2011.

    A request for quote is currently out for the development of the guide. Closes on Tuesday, 13 Mar 2012 at 2:30PM Perth, Western Australia


    Resource Content

    The proposed content being considered for inclusion in the resource is below:

    1. Introduction and purpose
    2. What is shared use
    3. What are the benefits of shared use
    4. What are the key issues of shared use
    5. Key principles of shared use
    6. Key elements of shared use
    7. Shared use agreements
    8. Good practice examples


    How You Can Help

    For those of you that are interested in contributing to the development of this resource then we would like to hear from you.  You can take part by submitting examples of good practice case studies that can be featured in the resource.


    Project Partners

    The Physical Activity Taskforce Secretariat is responsible for coordinating the development of the resource.  Members of the BEAC Schools Working Group will provide the content.  This group includes representation from the Departments of Education (Chair), Planning, and Sport and Recreation as well as UDIA, PIA, WALGA and both the Catholic and Independent School sectors.


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    A Guide to Governing Shared Community Facilities – Victoria 2010

    A Guide to Governing Shared Community Facilities – Victoria 2010

    Developed by the Victorian Department of Planning and Community Development, these guidelines provide practical information about the governance of shared community facilities and the tools and documents needed to support good governance.

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