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Page updated: 25 October 2011

The Physical Activity Taskforce has ceased operation and this website is no longer updated.

Updated: 25 October 2011

What is a TravelSmart School?

What is a TravelSmart School?

Developed by the Taskforce, in conjunction with the Department of Transport, this fact sheet explains: What a TravelSmart School is; what the benefits of a TravelSmart school are; and, how Local Governments support TravelSmart schools.

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Currently the car is the favoured transport mode of choice for parents to deliver children to primary school. However, the increase in car traffic means that schools often experience severe vehicle congestion at start and finish times. This congestion creates a hazardous environment for pedestrians and cyclists.

Frequently schools contact Local Governments asking them to build a solution that will fix their parking problems. Unfortunately, it is often not possible to build a way out of this problem.

A TravelSmart school realises that the best way to relieve congestion is by encouraging children to use active transport for their school commute. This includes walking, cycling, scooting and using public transport. These transport methods help children to get the 60 minutes of daily physical activity they require, increase safety and relieve congestion.


Contact Details

Department of Transport’s Behaviour Change Strategies Unit is a good first point of contact:

Phone: (08)9216 8000 (ask for TravelSmart)

The following websites also provide further information on:

TravelSmart to School

Walking School Bus

Roadwise program


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Year published: 2011

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