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Page updated: 13 May 2011

The Physical Activity Taskforce has ceased operation and this website is no longer updated.

Updated: 13 May 2011

Swap it, Don't Stop it Campaign

Swap it, Don't Stop it Campaign

Swap It, Don’t Stop It! was launched on 13 March 2011. This new national campaign forms phase two of the Measure Up campaign which highlighted the link between increased waist measurement and the risk of chronic disease.

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Swap it, Don't Stop it Campaign

Eric, an animated balloon character is the face of the new campaign. Over the years, Eric’s belly has ballooned and he is now making small changes to his lifestyle to improve his health, and he is encouraging Australian’s to join him too.

Key advice from Eric includes:

  • swap big for small (portion control);
  • swap often for sometimes (occasional treats);
  • swap fried for fresh (nutritional quality);
  • swap sitting for moving (physical activity); and,
  • swap watching for playing (physical activity).

Local campaign initiatives are being implemented by the Heart Foundation, Multicultural Services Centre of WA and the Aboriginal community in partnerships with North and South Metro Public Health Units, with funding from the Australian Government.

The Measure Up campaign website also provides a range of information and tools including:

  • Information on why and how to measure up;
  • Healthy eating tips and recipes;
  • Advice on getting active;
  • Suggestions on how to 'swap it' rather than 'stop it';
  • Tools and videos;
  • Inspirational success stories; and,
  • Frequently asked questions.

Year published: 2011

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